Upgrading your client sites to Joomla 4 Using YourSites

There are many questions you should ask yourself about your client sites before you should consider upgrading any of your client sites to Joomla 4.

  • Are the extensions I have installed compatible?
  • Will the upgrade break something unexpectedly?
  • Do I require a new site template?>
  • How would I recover the site if something goes wrong during or after the upgrade?

YourSites is the ideal tool to help you answer these questions. Before we describe how you can do a dry run and test of your site upgrade we must first emphasise the importance of an up to date backup of your sites. YourSites combined with Akeeba Backup Pro on your client sites will allow you to create backups of your sites with ease.

In an ideal worls it would be nice to be able to perform a dry run or test upgrade, to:

  • Test the Joomla or extension upgrade?
  • Show my clients how a new template or extension would work on their own site?
  • Demonstrate the site redesign with real data?
  • Train my clients before going live with the upgrade?

It would be even better if there was a tool to help diagnose and resolve fatal errors on a client site that has been upgraded.

YourSites makes this possible with its site cloning capabilities. See our documentation page for more details on how to create a clone of your sites.

Ok - I have my cloned site what do I do next?

See our helpful documentation page on the steps you should undertake.

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