Testing Joomla 4 on Your Sites

Installing new major software releases on your live sites can be a nerve wracking experience.

  • Are the extensions I have installed compatible?
  • Will it break something unexpectedly?
  • How will I train my clients so they are ready for new processes it main entail?

Upgrading the Joomla:

  • May require a new site template
  • Is the ideal time for a redesign
  • May mean changing the extensions I use

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to perform a dry run or test upgrade, to:

  • Test the Joomla or extension upgrade?
  • Show my clients how a new template or extension would work on their own site?
  • Demonstrate the site redesign with real data?
  • Train my clients before going live with the upgrade?

YourSites makes this possible with its site cloning capabilities. See our documentation page for more details.

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