Are you ...

  • Tired of spending hours upgrading Joomla, WordPress and a long list of extensions on dozens of client sites?
  • Tired of paying high monthly service fees for online site management services?
  • Worried about the security/privacy/confidentiality of your client sites?
  • Unable to use online site management services because your sites are behind a firewall/on an intranet?
  • Would like to be control of your client data to reduce your GDPR worries?

YourSites is a new way to manage all your Joomla, WordPress and ClassicPress Sites.

YourSites is a normal Joomla extension that you install on the Joomla site you have chosen to manage the other sites.  From this server site you will be able to manage your other sites.

From the list sites in YourSites - a unique and secure connection to each of your other sites allows you to

  • Check for Joomla, WordPress or ClassicPress updates
  • Check your site is up and optionally check specific URLs
  • Check for extension updates
  • Check when your last backup was run (requires Akeeba Backup Professional installed on the client site)
  • See basic site information about your client sites in one place
  • Check your sites meet best practice standards for performance, SEO and security.
  • Initiate a new backup
  • Install a new extension
  • Apply Joomla, WordPress and ClassicPress updates
  • Apply extension updates
  • Block specific extensions that you do not want to update
  • Generate a new backup before updating Joomla, WordPress, ClassicPress or extensions on a specific site
  • Login directly to the backend with a single click
  • Uninstall extensions
  • Using Joomla custom fields and tags you can add client management functionality/project workflows

If you setup a suitable scheduled task you can:

  • Make sure each of your client sites is not down and that specific URLs on these sites are loading correctly.
  • Check for Joomla, WordPress or ClassicPress updates
  • Check for extension update
  • Generate backups automatically
  • ... automatically with email notifications of any issues

You can even install Joomla on a new site (If you provide FTP and Database credentials for the entry in the list of sites)

All this from your own private server that can be behind a firewall or on your office computer if you want.

More features added all the time.

We love every single one of our users, without you YourSites simply couldn't happen! So we would love a review at the Joomla! JED so we can let others know about us too, please take a minute to write a review:

If you feel you have something negative to say, we would implore you to speak to us first, as we really really don't want anyone to be unhappy!