New Features in YourSites version 1.6

We have implemented exciting new features in version 1.6 of YourSites

Perhaps most excitingly you can now set site specific backup times - you can set a schedule of backups, monthly, weekly or daily selecting specific dates/days and time(s) and we include suggested cronjob interval information on the config page.

As a first step to supporting server software beyong Joomla and WordPress/ClassicPress we now support for site up checks and basic advisory checks on non-Joomla/WP sites

We have split the site processing interval config option to allow software updates to be processed with bigger time gaps than update checks. This means that for slower client servers you can spread out the application whilst getting the results of update availability checks more quickly.

We now support rebuilding update sites on Joomla based client sites

Some client servers have restrictions on remote client requests using HTTP POST and/or GET so we have added a new site option to force all client site communication to use HTTP POST and not use HTTP GET at all (or vice versa). This helps with sites with very strict htaccess rules.

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