Manage your WordPress and ClassicPress Sites Using YourSites

Version 1.5.0 of YourSites is a Big Milestone

You can now manage your WordPress/ClassicPress sites alongside your Joomla sites.

Version 1.5.0 of YourSites introduced an exciting new feature - Support for WordPress & ClassicPress sites. If you enable this on the 'Experimental Settings' tab of the YourSites config you can install the client plugin on a WP or CP site to track and apply updates. Try it out on the demo site.

To go alongside this we have also implemented a Site software version block to stop Joomla or WP being upgraded accidentally to a version you are not yet ready to use. This can be configured universally or on site specific basis. This means you can avoid accidencally upgrading to WP 5.x before you are ready.

the 'Health Check' has been renamed 'Advisory Checks' and additional tests added. See the 'Advisory Checks' menu item under 'Site Checks'

There is now a new optional config option on site specific basis to only notify after a site has been down for a minimum length of time - important for sites on slow webhosts which can look as though they are down even if they are only just busy

We have enhanced the security options of the direct client site login functionality by allowing the client plugin to force YourSites to provide 2 factor token when using direct login - this works best with YubiKey since the same token can be used on multiple websites and you just need to keep the dongle in your USB port.

We now also provide up time stats in the information block for each site

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