Important Changes to Clone Sites

The release of Joomla 4.0.5 has forced a change in the way we create and handle clone sites within YourSites. Previously cloned sites were created in a special sub-folder of the live site with a name following the pattern ._ysts_random.

By default in apache on *nix files and folders starting with the characters ._ are hidden and not indexed thus making it very difficult for this path to be discovered by a web crawler and providing a small layer of extra difficulty in gaining access to the cloned site.

Joomla 4.0.5 has introduced a filter on the temporary files path during the Joomla upgrade process. This makes it impossible to upgrade cloned sites using YourSites or Joomla natively.

We have therefore been forced to change the naming convention of cloned sites within YourSites to follow the pattern clone_ysts_random. This is not ideal and we hope to get this issue looked at within the core Joomla code to allow us to return to the more secure naming convention down the line.

YourSites 1.26.0 not only uses this new naming convention for cloned sites but includes a mechanism to migrate existing cloned sites. If this is relevant to your site then you will be prompted to migrate your cloned sites from the site list view. Instructions are given on this page where this is relevant.

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