Are your client sites ready for Joomla 3.10/4.0?

With YourSites 1.9 you can run a pre-upgrade checker against each of your client sites.

You can check:
  1. Compatibility of your PHP version and DB type
  2. Your PHP settings against Joomla 3.10/4.0 requirements and recommendations
  3. If you have the required and recommended PHP functions and extensions installed and enabled
  4. Your installed extensions to see if the extension publisher has a version that is compatible with Joomla 3.10 or 4.0 *
  5. If you already required extension version installed or that the required version CAN be installed in the version of Joomla currently running your client website *
The extension compatility groups the extensions together under the following headings
  • Extensions Reported as Compatible
  • Extensions Probably Compatible
  • Extensions Requiring Upgrades to be Compatible
  • No Compatible Version Information From Update Server
  • No Update Servers Specified
Please note too that where an extension is part of a package it will be grouped together with other package elements - you can see what is included in a package by hovering over the 'comment' icon next to the package name.

Usage Screenshots

After selecting sites to check select the menu item from the 'Core Software' or 'Joomla' menu item

Menu Item

Client sites check their compatibility status

Getting Results

Preview the basic extension compatibility in the status popup

Results Preview

Full information can be seen by clicking the Joomla icon in the site status icon block

Access Full Results

Here you can see the Required PHP and DB Settings

Required PHP and DB Settings

and the recommended settings

Recommended Settings

and extension compatibility

Extension Compatibility

* Extension & Template Compatibility

We use the information provided by the extension publisher about compatibity of extension versions with Joomla 3.10 or 4.0. You should use this as a guide to likely compatibility since we cannot guarantee that this information is correct or that the extension is actually compatible. You will need to confirm with the extension publisher that the extension version is compatible and ideally test the upgrade on a backup/clone website to make sure there are no unforseen problems and at the very least make sure you have quitable backups.

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