Custom Menu Items in YourSites

Have you ever wished you could save filtered lists of sites with specially selected fields. With YourSites this is very easy!

1. The first step is to create your customised layout

Select the Layouts option on the left of YourSites

Layouts menu item

Give your layout a name (to be displayed) and a description (for your own use only - not displayed). Some fields take a non-trival amount of processing power to generate so most of the time (unless you want the values re-generated on each display) you should leave caching enabled.

Layouts Detail Tab

Next select the fields you wish to display and their ordering. You should always include one of the site identification fields in the list

Layouts Fields Tab

2. Check your customised layout

Your new Project Status view appears under the sites menu item on the left of YourSites

New Option in Sites Dropdown

See your customised set of fields displayed - the problem is that you may not want to display all your sites with this custom view.

New Project Status View

3. Filter your list of sites

We can now filter the list e.g. Joomla sites only that are clones. Once we have filtered the list click the 'Permalink' icon

Filtered List and Permalink

Copy the permalink from the popup (no need to copy the schema or domain.

Save the permalink

4. Create new menu item group and menu item

In the YourSites config select the 'CRM Settings' tab and scroll down to 'Custom Menu item'.

Create a new menu item group and provide an icon then save the configuration.

New Menu Item Group

Now create a new menu item within this group

New Menu Item

5. Checkout your new menu item

New Filtered Menu Item

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