Checking Backups on Your Sites and Creating Backups

Your YourSites server can interact with Akeeba Backup Professional on the client sites - to do this you must:

  1. Make sure Akeeba Backup Professional is installed on the client site - YourSites cannot work with Akeeba Backup Core it must be the professional version
  2. Configure Akeeba Backup Professional to allow 'Enable JSON API' and specify a suitably complex 'secret word'

If you have done this YourSites can find the date/time of your most recent backup if you select one or more sites where Akeeba is installed (there is an icon in the 'Last backup' column of sites which have Akeeba Backups installed) and click the 'Check Site Backups'  button.

To create a new backup on the site you should select the 'Create Backup' button - given that Akeeba Backups is quite resource intensive you should probably only initiate backups on one client site at a time.  If your client sites are one different servers you can initiate more than one backup at a time but do take care of overloading your client servers.

Backups Before Updates

YourSites can be configured to perform backups before upgrading Joomla/WordPress or extensions on the client sites. You can set this option globally in the YourSites config or on a site specific basis.

Failing Backups

If you find that you are unable to create backups from YourSites, in particular if you are uploading the backups to a cloud server, then you can set the option to create backups using javascript - this reduced the likelihood of timed out requests during the backup creation process. Again this option can be set globally or on a site specific basis.

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